Portable Appliance Testing

Portable Appliance Testing

AMTEC provide a complete portable appliance testing service. Our technicians can perform annual electrical tests on all portable appliances testing  throughout your site.

Visual Inspection – This involves the technician checking for hazards such as the wrong kind of plug, damaged or incorrectly wired plugs, an incorrect fuse rating, damage to the casing an appliance, lumps or cracks in the mains lead, unsafe cable joints and loose connections. Once the visual inspection has been completed the following tests are carried out using specialist testing equipment.

Earth Bond Test – This test ensures that the appliance has a suitable earth conductor connected and that there are no breaks or damage to the earth cable. For sensitive electronic equipment such as PCs a special low current earth bond test will be carried out to ensure that the equipment is not damaged.

Insulation Test – An insulation test is carried out to ensure that the correct insulation is in place and working accordingly. This test will find problems like contamination or moisture in an appliance or the failure of one of its insulation components.

Leakage Test – This is an alternative to the insulation test for sensitive electronic equipment such as PCs.

Polarity Check – When testing IEC cables and extension leads a polarity test is carried out to ensure that cable is wired correctly in the plugs/sockets.

When the above tests have been completed each appliance will have a ‘PASS’ or ‘FAIL’ label applied. If a piece of equipment fails any of the tests, then it is deemed to be unsafe and must NOT be used until the problem has been rectified or the appliance is replaced. Our technicians will be able to repair certain problems such as incorrectly wired plugs or the wrong fuse rating and then retest the appliance so that it passes the test.

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